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Let’s Do This: Debut Author Challenge 2015

Posted in Books • 24 December 2014


My first attempt at joining reading challenge didn’t go so well and since then I just give my focus to the books I really want to read without limiting my reading time.  The pressure of reading a particular book (usually more than a book) in a week or in a few days is real, guys.  I don’t need that kind of pressure nowadays.  Especially this month.  I have a lot of work to do, things got a little bit craycray ’til I want to slap someone’s cheek to canalize my affection *insert a huge smile here* That being said, I wasn’t interested to join any reading challenges in the near future, but Sarah convinced me to join this Debut Author Challenge 2015 (DAC 2015) and when I read the mechanism, hey, I can do this low-key challenge.  So can you! 

Debut Author Challenge is hosted by Jana over That Artsy Reader Girl.  The objective is to introduce debut authors and challenge readers to read 12 or more books throughout the year of 2015.  Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, we can pick what we want.

The rules are simple:
– Post our thoughts or review on blog, goodreads, YouTube, tumblr, or any social media platforms that we want.
– We can join this challenge anytime. NO PRESSURE. *happy sigh*
– The books that count are debuts that have publishing date between January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015.
– We have time to read from January 1, 2015 – January 31, 2016 so we can read debuts that will be published in December 2015.
– Challenge is open internationally and we can choose to post our participation in English or in any languages. Just remember to post the link with title in English so Jana can verify our entry.
– Confused? Find more details here.

To participate, just make post your link here and make sure to bookmark these helpful links:
1. Goodreads list of 2015 Debut Author Challenge books
2. Google Spreadsheet of 2015 Debuts

I’m eyeing 5 books already! :D