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The Rithmatist

Posted in Books • 1 April 2014

The Rithmatist

I bought Brandon Sanderson books recently, and I have to blame it all on Regan!  I’ve never heard about Brandon Sanderson, let alone buy his book, but she keeps mentioning how awesome his books are, so I just couldn’t help myself and ordered 4 books from Book Depository.  I have to thank Regan for that.  LOL.

It supposed to be a series, so it is understandable to read the first book as an introduction to set up the foundation of the series.  It follows our main character, 16 year old Joel, who wants to become a Rithmatist all his life, but he missed his chance when he was a kid.  Quoting from the synopsis, “Rithmatists have the power to infuse life into two-dimensional figures known as Chalklings.” Imagine you draw a circle and creature (unicorn, spider, dragon, you name it) on the floor with a chalk, and your drawing (the creature) comes to life and we call it chalkling.  Only Rithmatists who can do that, means if you’re just a regular person, nothing will happen and your drawing stays as it is. I can understand how he feels, and it’s fun to read his huge interest to the Rithmatic world.  He sneaks into Rithmatist classes to learn more about Rithmatic, and he even better than the real Rithmatists.

The story gets interesting when students (the Rithmatist ones) starts disappearing. Joel helps to solve the mystery with his professor and his friend.  Gotta admit I really enjoyed the story.  I love the characters, awesome world-building, intense, and the book also has illustrations that made me understand what the characters in this book are talking about. The illustration comes in diagram, drawings, and explanation about all defenses and lines that a Rithmatist can do.  For me personally, it felt like I also learn to become a Rithmatis – as silly as it sounds – and I think I have a Rithmatist 101 guide book.  Hahaha.  Definitely will buy the second book once it published.  If you love fantasy, sci-fi, young adult kind of book, give it a try :)