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Shatter Me Trilogy

Posted in Books • 12 June 2014

Shatter Me Trilogy

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BookTube made me buy and read Shatter Me trilogy. The hype was crazy, especially when Ignite Me came out.  Soooo many people talked about how amazing the characters were, and that successfully made me curious. Especially since this is dystopian series, I was like okay, gotta read ‘em! Internet gets me every single time! :))))

What the trilogy is about?

The story follows Juliette, who was locked up in an asylum for 264 days. She’s isolated because she has lethal touch and considered as a danger to the population.  When she touches people, skin-to-skin, the other person could die.  Nobody understands why, and Juliette obviously has no clue either.  One day, she got an offer to use her ability to join The Reestablishment’s side to help them dealing with rebel movements.  She’s lonely, she wants to get out and see the outside world behind the walls, but she was also afraid of herself, she doesn’t want to hurt other people. Nonetheless, she had to make a choice.

My thoughts on Shatter Me trilogy:

First of all, the writing style is unique.  I get it why people love Tahereh Mafi’s writing.  It feels poetic and follows Juliette’s point of view and Tahereh using scratches and repetitive words to uncover Juliette’s mind.  The first book, Shatter Me is my least favorite – I don’t hate it, but compared to next two books, this one gotta sit in the last place.  As a dystopian novel, I need more description and background story, why Juliette has that kind of power, what caused it, etc.  However, the characters were interesting, though. Warner, the leader of Sector 45, then Adam, one of Warner’s best soldiers, and Kenji the silly funny guy that was also one of the soldiers. (I’m smiling just thinking about Kenji’s jokes right now. He’s just crazy :D ).  And there was James, Adam’s little brother that was so cute.  The romance aspect in Shatter Me felt a little bit rushed for my taste.  But all those things made me curious to read Unravel Me to find out what will happen next.

The second book, Unravel Me, was definitely better than Shatter Me. The story was gripping and had more action which I love. I learned more about Omega Point, the underground resistance and watching Juliette interacts with other people beside Adam and James.  The characters in this book are interesting to read!   Warner was a complex character, he’s weird yet made me curious and want to know more about him.  I saw another side of Adam, meanwhile Juliette needed an anger management in this book, especially in the beginning. Kenji was amazing, as always, and this is the first time I loved a sidekick more than the main characters. If you’ve read this trilogy, you’ll understand and probably we’re on the same page here. Hahaha. In this book there was also Anderson, Warner’s father, one of the founders of The Reestablishment and he was playing the evil role perfectly. I want to shoot him right on his brain.  Seriously.  But overall I enjoyed reading Unravel Me even though there were cheesy dialouges that made me asked why this character had to say these sentences, yet there were also plot twists that I didn’t see coming and those definitely added more excitement to the whole story and changed some things.

The final book has quick pace, amazing character development, and I was immersed in the story.  I read it and enjoyed it for what it was.  For me, I think I enjoyed the whole book because of the characters.  I was fangirling every time Warner and Kenji appears on the page.  I was laughing like crazy whenever Kenji speaks and my heart melts every time Warner comes out.  *pardon me*  In Ignite Me, finally, Juliette was so likable.  Her kick-ass side showed up and she could stand up for herself. I loved watching Juliette start to accept her power and who she is.  Her friendship with Kenji stepped up to another level and it’s really heart warming to see they want to listen, support and understand each other.  At the end of the story, I couldn’t help myself but listing some questions even though I really liked this book.  I still don’t know what happened with Juliette’s parents, what’s going on in other sectors, and the mystery behind those powers.  ALSO, the ending felt a bit rushed, I was like “Is that it? Is it really over?”  Perhaps that is just me hoping a new book in this series. I need more, Tahereh Mafi.  Please? The sidekick characters need spin off series for themselves as well *fingers crossed*

All in all,  I truly enjoyed the ride and it’s hard to let this trilogy go. I love some of the characters so very much.  These three books was addicting and I’m glad to have read and experienced all of them.  If you haven’t started this series, do it ! :)

Rating by books:

Shatter Me: 3 stars
Unravel Me: 4 stars
Ignite Me: 4 stars