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The Diviners

Posted in Books • 30 April 2014

The Diviners

If you follow my account on Instagram, you may be familiar with this book since I’ve posted a pic of it last month.  I’ve been wanting to read historical fiction for a while, and there were a few authors who wrote best-selling books for this particular genre. After doing a quick research, I decided to try Libba Bray first. I was torn between The Diviners and Gemma Doyle trilogy but I decided to pick The Diviners because I heard this is a historical fiction with supernatural spooky elements added in the story and simply because it’s available in the bookstore near my office.  And since I love horror movies, I’d love to find out how scary the book is :D

To be honest, I don’t like reading classic.  It’s just not my cup of tea.  I’ve tried, believe me, I’ve tried. So when I found out The Diviners projecting 1920s era (hello flapper girls),  I was a bit skeptical and afraid.  But hey, it’s written in our era, Libba Bray just put 20s elements in it, so it won’t be like those classics that’s squeezing my brain. No offense for you who love classics, personally my brain couldn’t digest and enjoy that kind of stories ~_~

The Diviners follows Evie O’Neill who got kicked out of her hometown.  She got sent to New York to live with her uncle Will.  It’s not just like she goes to another city to enjoy a peaceful and fun moment because serial murders happening in that town.  It just got interesting because Evie actually kept a secret all this long.  She has a supernatural power, but she’s afraid to tell anyone, even her parents and uncle about it. The thing is, those murders had cryptic symbol and turned out also including demons, ghosts, and those creepy stuff.

Even though I think Evie is a likable character (very entertaining she is), it’s not always about Evie. There are different point of views of other characters that I love in this book.  All of them met at some point and they complement each other.  Really interesting because they’re completely different.  I also love the plot.  Libba Bray did a very good job to mix the realism of  1920s with the horror and fantasy elements.  I wanted to know what will happen next. It was so gripping, full of suspense, and surprisingly creepy.

Don’t be intimidated by the length of this book.  Yes, this is a thick book, but once you get past the first hundred or so pages, I think you’d start to enjoy the pace and find your rhythm. I had so much fun reading the book and I think if you want to try historical fiction genre like me, this is a good start.  Now I can’t wait until Lair of Dreams comes out!