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The Selection Trilogy

Posted in Books • 1 June 2014

The Selection Trilogy

I read this trilogy as my holiday reads with Sarah.  Honestly at first, I was not so sure about reading this trilogy because I’ve read mixed reviews about them, and some people said they might enjoy the books if they read them when they’re younger, even though they categorized as Young-Adult books.  So I didn’t expect much when I dive into the story, but well well well, I enjoyed them!

What the trilogy is about?

Imagine The Bachelor, yes, that TV show where a bunch of girls compete against each other to win the heart of one handsome bachelor? Now, if you’ve read or seen The Hunger Games, imagine the Capitol’s host of the Hunger Games Interview, Caesar Flickerman, who always put out interesting questions and nice witty comments? The Selection trilogy also has one person like that so the girls must be prepared to appear on TV to keep everyone informed about they current “condition”.  Lastly, imagine Miss Universe where all the girls got a chance to learn so many things for their own good and ready to become a princess. Basically the story is a combination of those three.

To make the story interesting, there’s also castes system in this book, One (the royal family), Two, Three, and the number continue until Eight (homeless, kinda remind me of Divergent’s factionless).  The main character, America Singer who I found her name is a little bit silly, sorry, but maybe it’s just me, is a Five.  Basically, her caste is all about art, her family live from her dad who sell paintings, her mom plays piano and she sings to make money.  The lower the caste is, the bigger the struggle that you must face to live.  She’s in love with a guy who has lower caste than she is, a Six.  Their relationship is a secret and her family don’t know anything about it.  That being said, when she got selected as one of girls to become a princess for Prince Maxon, she wasn’t that happy. She even made it clear to Prince Maxon that she wants to stay in the palace just for the food, and her family needs the check as a compensation while she’s away from her home.

My thoughts on The Selection trilogy:

Let’s take a moment to appreciate those beautiful covers.  Blue, Red, White, and the main character’s name is America. That made sense :D The trilogy was fun, cliché but very entertaining.  I love how everything started, the interaction between America and the other girls, especially the very first moment when America met Maxon, so funny! :))))  America is a strong character, she is brave, she is smart, but she can be a pain in the ass some times. She knows what is right and what is wrong, she can stand up for others when she feels like it, but for some occasions (read: her romance life), she acts without using her brain.  I love this guy, but I also love the other guy. Dang girl, you seriously driving me crazy there. I mentioned it on one of my reviews on goodreads that it was the first time I felt frustrated because of the main character. Hahaha.

I could feel the character development, thogh. It feels great to see America who at first looks like a raw diamond, and at the end of the book she could finally “shine” and able to decide and made good decision.  I also loved watching some relationships between America and the other selected girls, how they communicate as friends and as competitor were really interesting to read.  The feelings were also straight to the point, I could understand at some points why America did something especially after she sees or knows others’ intimate moments with Maxon. This is why I have love-hate relationship watching The Bachelor, I personally don’t like the struggle when a girl must compete against the others while giving her heart completely to the only guy who might choose another girl.  But that’s the roller coaster ride, right?

Romance moments aside, there’s also a beautiful family relationships in this trilogy that really touched my heart.  America’s Dad was just an awesome dad, he’s very supportive and I felt like he’s the only one who can see the potential and push America in a good way.  I really really loved him :) And May, America’s younger sister, was so funny.  She’s cute, full of energy, and she encouraged America in her own unique way.  On the other side, Maxon’s family was a bit more complicated than that. There’s nothing simple in royal family, I guess. His mother was awesome, but his father was not really my favorite. You know what I mean if you’ve read this trilogy.

The only major question mark that I have to put out here is the rebels attacks.  So there were rebels who want to overthrow the palace, but the silly and weird thing is the rebels could get into the palace easily. FOR SO MANY TIMES. I was like, hello? Anybody home? What I know about a palace is it has so many guards, so many layers of protection. Turned out in this trilogy the guards were sprang into action, escorting the royal family and all the girls to somewhere face AFTER they realized there were rebels inside.  It’s just me or this doens’t have any sense? *rolling my eyes*

Anyways, other than the silly parts of rebel attacks and annoying America’s scenes, I really enjoyed the trilogy.  Exactly what I need for a light entertaining reads and to be honest I kinda sad when I finished the last book.  More, please.

Recommended for:

People who love romance, chicklit, dystopia, and for you who love watching The Bachelor! :D  This trilogy is a nice break especially after you read “heavy” books and need quick read, something to refresh your mind.

Rating by books:

The Selection: 4 stars out of 5
The Elite: 3.5 stars out of 5 (mainly because America was so annoying in this book :p)
The One: 4 stars out of 5

  • Victoria C.

    Hi! Penasaran sama trilogi ini, I’ve read The Selection tapi bingung banget setelah ini baca The Elite kah? Or The Prince/Guard? Help! I’m so confused. Is it even worth it to buy The Prince/Guard? :)